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Khim Joe
Permaculture Landscape

Sensory Gardening is an empowerment programme aimed to break limitations and grow new possibilities for the visually impaired. Created by Plus Community Partnership and collaborating with Malaysian Association for the Blind and Children of Soil, the joy of gardening is introduced through the sense of smell, touch, hearing and taste.



The Sensory Gardening programme is open for sponsorships and is wonderfully accessible for all organisations to participate. Each sponsorship enables more visually impaired participants to learn the art of growing an edible garden.


One small plot at a time, this sustainable effort is making its mark as a first in Malaysia.

Smell. Touch. Hear. Taste.
Let's grow!

20 April   Building healthy soil               Introduction to soil


4 May      Building healthy soil               Composting methods


18 May    Moon gardening                     Follow the cycles of Moon


1 June     Know your plants                   Identification by senses


8 June     Know your plants                   Propagation


29 June   Communicating with plants   Needs and diseases


13 July    Biodiversity in the garden      Pests and insects  



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