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Plus Community is focused on empowering and uplifting communities through sustainable platforms. 

Programmes that are unique and challenge the status quo to produce positive changes. Ideas that are answers to questions raised from insights and data. Campaigns that are open to companies who need to extend their corporate responsibility agenda, with greater relevance to their brand. 



Open for corporate
CSR sponsorship
A unique empowerment programme on the art of growing an edible garden by touch, smell, hearing and taste.


Open Arms

Widening our scope with Sujana Mohd Rejab, a prosthetic limb 3D printing engineer. Let's rebuild confidence and empower the lives of those who have suffered the loss of a limb.

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What's good for business
can be good for community


Create campaigns that are both relevant to a brand and beneficial to a marginalised community.

Sustainable possibilities for communities

Sustainable opportunity for progressive brands

As the overarching theme to all our programmes, 'Anything Is Possible’ comes from the intent to uplift life for communities. To show that they can overcome their physical and mental barriers, and with a good dose of inspiration, they can expand their horizons by realising their potential. 


'Anything Is Possible’ is the pathway to inspire. It is the voice of encouragement to do better, go beyond, and be outstanding.


Begin by showing them the possibilities and ambition they can pursue. And then, empowering them to achieve it by ‘teaching the way to fish, rather than giving the fish’.


The fundamentals of ‘Anything Is Possible’ mirror the approach of progressive brands. Here are opportunities for brands to challenge the status quo and demonstrate their push for better quality of life amongst communities facing limitations. 


Our programmes are tailored to gain deeper insights into communities. Recognising community challenges will enable companies to re-think business offerings and strategies.


Ultimately, there is the opportunity to build hard working campaigns that demonstrate social responsibility as well as drive brand building. 


If you have come this far, let's go further.